Moisture Concentration Field Calculation

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MPSorp v1.0 is a MS Windows  95/98/NT 32-bit application.

This program makes it possible to determine the moisture concentration field in a laminated plate at any moment of time. The user of the program can view the results in the form of a graph of the moisture content function W(x) and can save the graph in a BMP format.

Overview of Features:
  • MPSorp is the software for the analysis of moisture transport processes in sandwich materials with the following features:
  • an attractive, efficient and easy-to-use interface;
  • an effective means for creating new sets of data, as well as storing, browsing opening, and editing existing sets of data;
  • a fast finite-difference method based calculation module;
  • a convenient window for results analyzing including a graph frame;
  • a built-in small text editor allowing to observe and compare the results of various calculations in the text mode.

The hardware requirements:
  • an IBM PC-compatible computer, preferably with an 80486 processor or higher.
  • VGA video adapter.
  • Approximately 1 Mb of the program are stored on the hard disk, and about the same amount of storage should be available for the results.