Laminate Fatigue Life Time Prediction

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LiTiP v1.1 is a MS Windows  95/98/NT 32-bit application.

LiTiP (Life Time Prediction) is a software tool for the fatigue lifetime prediction of composite laminates under proportional cyclic loading. The part of the solution algorithm which concerns stress analysis is based on the Classical Laminate Theory, while the life prediction is based on the Ply Discount method.

LiTiP can be used as a low level design tool by engineers and students due to the following features:

  • a complicated laminate lay-up is allowed;
  • cyclic proportional loads to the laminate are applied;
  • only elastic constants and S-N curves for a UD composite are needed as input data;
  • a fatigue lifetime of the laminate is predicted. The failure sequence of plies in the laminate is calculated. Stresses and strains in plies, stiffness and compliance matrices of the laminate after each damage event are given.

LiTiP is designed for Windows95 and uses all advantages of its graphical interface:

  • an attractive, efficient and easy-to-use interface;
  • an effective means for creating new sets of data, as well as storing, browsing opening, and editing the existing sets of data;
  • a built-in small text editor allowing to observe and compare the results of various calculations in the text mode.

The hardware requirements:
  • an IBM PC-compatible computer, preferably with an 80486 processor or higher.
  • VGA video adapter.
  • Approximately 1 Mb of the program are stored on the hard disk, and about the same amount of storage should be available for the results.