Laminate Analysis Program

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LamAn v1.0 is a MS Windows  95/98/NT 32-bit application.

LamAn (Laminate Analysis) is a very basic software tool for the laminate analysis. Solution algorithm of stress analysis is based on the Classical Laminate Theory.

LamAn can be used as a low level design tool by engineers and students due to the following features:

  • complicated laminate lay-up without limitation on number of plies is allowed;
  • complicated loading can be applied on laminate: mechanical forces and moments,  loading through environmental conditions (temperature and humidity);
  • only thermo-elastic constants of the UD composite are needed as input data, number of different materials is not limited;
  • stresses and strains in plies, stiffness and compliance matrices as well as thermo-elastic constants of the laminate are calculated;
  • thermal and hygro effects are taken into account and separated (mechanical, thermal, hygro) or total stress-strain components can be obtained.

LamAn is designed for Windows and uses all advantages of its graphical interface:

  • attractive, efficient and easy-to-use interface;
  • effective means for creating new sets of data, as well as storing, browsing opening, and editing the existing sets of data;
  • set of options that allows to configure data format, content of report and screen options;
  • built-in small text editor allowing to observe and compare the results of various calculations in the text mode.

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • IBM PC-compatible computer, with 80486 processor or higher (it should be able to run Windows 95/98/NT).
  • VGA video adapter;
  • 3.25" FDD and HDD with approximately 1 Mb to install program and store results.