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Notes for Contributors and Reviewers

The scientific journal MEKHANIKA KOMPOZITNYKH MATERIALOV (Mechanics of Composite Materials) is a bimonthly periodical covering results of original experimental and theoretical investigations on the properties and behavior of composite materials and their constituents.

Particular attention is focused on the following problems:

  • failure and fatigue of composite materials (their types and cause, long-term strength, kinetics of failure at all its stages, mechanism of failure of contact regions between composite components, calculation methods, and technology for manufacturing materials with optimum characteristics of failure resistance);
  • methods of optimum design of composite materials and structures;
  • prediction of long-term properties;
  • aging problems and nondestructive testing;
  • mechanical aspects of technology;
  • composites in civil engineering and infrastructure;
  • mechanics of nanocomposites;
  • biomechanics.

The Editorial Boards selects for publication the most significant and interesting articles  containing new results and ideas or an original analysis of data available in the literature.

The journal MEKHANIKA KOMPOZITNYKH MATERIALOV is published in Russian. Simultaneously, it is also translated into English (Mechanics of Composite Materials).

Manuscripts should be prepared strictly according to the template indicated (see Template of articles) following notes for contributors (see Notes for contributors). Materials in the PDF format are not accepted.

Guidelines can help our Reviewers.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:
23 Aizkraukles St., Riga, LV-1006 Latvia