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Selected Publications

Conference Proceedings: 2012

  1. Andersons J. and Joffe R. Mechanical Damage Characteristics of Elementary Hemp Fibers and Scale Effect of Fiber Strength // High Performance Structure and Materials VI / eds. W. P. De Wilde, C. A. Brebbia & S. Hernandez. – WIT Press, 2012. – (WIT Transactions on the Built Environment; Vol. 124). – P. 157-167; WIT Press.
  2. Andersons J., Modniks J., Cābulis U., and Stirna U. Modeling the Effect of Short-Fiber Filler on the Stiffness of Polyisocyanurate Foams // CD: Proc. of 5th IC-SCCE: 5th International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering, Athens, Greece, 4-7 July, 2012. – Vol. II, p. 343-348.
  3. Andersons J., Spārniņš E., and Modniks J. Probabilistic Strength Modeling of Flax-Fabric-Reinforced Polymer Composite // Proc. SMTDA2012 (2nd Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference, 5-8 June 2012, Chania, Crete, Greece). – P. 9-15; SMTDA 2012.
  4. Aniskevich A., Kulakov V., Arnautov A., and Portnov G. Efficiency of Pultruded Composites in Constructions: Anchorage, Adhesion, and Durability // CD:The 6th International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering, CICE-2012, 13-15 June 2012, Rome, Italy: Proceedings. − 11-522. − 6 p.
  5. Aniskevich A. and Paze L. Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Plastic Behavior of Polyimide // USB disk: Proc. of ECCM15: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, Venice, Italy, 24-28 June, 2012. − Paper ID: 344. − ISBN 978-88-88785-33-2.
  6. Beverte I. and Lagzdins A. Modelling and 3-D Reconstruction of Highly Porous Plastic Foams // Proceedings of the International Symposium COMPIMAGE 2012, Rome, Italy, 5-7 September, 2012: Computational Modelling of Objects Represented in Images: Fundamentals, Methods and Applications III / ed. P. Di Giamberardino & D. Iacoviello, R. M. N. Jorge & J. M. R. S. Tarvares. – Boca Raton; London; New York; Leiden: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2012. – P. 397-401.
  7. Cabulis U., Stirna U., Beverte I., and Andersons J. Production Technology, Structure and Properties of Polyisocyanurate Foams Produced Using Rapeseed Oil and Filled with Chopped Flax or Carbon Fibers // CD: Proc. of CellMat2012 (Cellular Materials, Dresden, Germany, 7-9 November 2012). – 4 p.
  8. Guadagnini M., Serbescu A., Ceroni F., Palmieri A., Matthvs S., Czaderski C., Olia S., Bilotta A., Niaro E., Szabo Z., Balazs G., Mazzotti C., Barros J., Costa I., Sas G., Täljsten B., and Tamuzs V. Bond of FRP Strengthening Systems for Concrete Structures: a Round Robin Test // CD: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety and Management, Stresa, Lake Moggiore, Italy, July 8-12, 2012 / F. Biondini & D. M.Frangopol (eds.). – Boca Raton: CRC Press, [2012]. – P. 1179-1186.
  9. Modniks J., Poriķe E., and Andersons J. Apparent IFSS in Misoriented Flax/PP Composites: the Effect of Fiber Volume Fraction // CD: Proc. of ECCM15: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, Venice, Italy, 24-28 June, 2012. – 7 p.
  10. Shtrauss V. A User-Oriented Approach to Designing FIR Deconvolution Filters // CD: Proc. 12th WSEAS International Conference on Systems Theory and Scientific Computation (ISTASC’12), Advances in Systems Theory, Signal Processing & Computational Science, Istanbul, Turkey, August 21-23, 2012. – P. 130-135; WSEAS ISTISC'2012; WSEAS ISTISC'2012 Proceeding.
  11. Spārniņš E., Modniks J., and Andersons J. Experimental Study of the Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional Flax Fiber Composite // CD: Proc. of ICEM15: 15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Porto, Portugal, 22-27 July, 2012. – 7 p.
  12. Starkova O., Buschhorn S., Mannov E., Schulte K., and Aniskevich A. Creep Behavior of Epoxy/MWCNT Composites // Proc. of ECCM15: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, Venice, Italy, 24-28 June, 2012.
  13. Tarasovs S., Zile E., and Tamuzs V. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fracture // CD: 19th European Conference on Fracture, Kazan, Russia, 26-31 August, 2012. − 6 p. – ISBN 978-5-905576-18-8.
  14. Tarasovs S. and Ghassemi A. On the Role of Thermal Stress in Reservoir Stimulation // Proceedings of 37th Workshop Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford, California, January 30-February 1, 2012. – [S. l.], [2012]. – 6 p.; Stanford ERE.
  15. Tarasovs S. and Ghassemi A. Radial Cracking of a Borehole by Pressure and Thermal Shock // CD: Proc. of 46th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium Chicago, IL, USA, 24-27 June, 2012. – 5 p.