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Selected Publications

Conference Proceedings: 2008

  1. Andersons J., Sparnins E., Porike E., and Joffe R. Strength Distribution of Elementary Flax Fibres due to Mechanical Defects // IIBCC: 11th International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composites Conference, November 4th-7th , 2008, Madrid, Spain, NH Eurobuilding Hotel: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary. – [S. l.], 2008. – Vol. II: Proceedings, p. 247-253.
  2. Leterrier Y., Pinyol A., Dumont P., Gilliéron D., Mewani V., Månson J.-A., Andersons J., Bouten P., and Timmermans P. 23.1: Invited Paper: Models and Experiments of Mechanical Integrity for Flexible Displays // SID 08 DIGEST. – [S. l.], 2008. – P. 310-313; SID Symposium Digest 2008.
  3. Shtrauss V. Nonlinear Decomposition Filters with Neural Network Elements // New Aspects of Systems: Proceedings of the 12th WSEAS International Conference on Systems, Heraklion, Greece, July 22-24, 2008. – [S. l.]: WSEAS Press, 2008. – Pt. II, p. 603-608. – On CD: WSEAS International Conferences, Heraklion, Greece, July 22-24, 2008; WSEAS International Conferences 2008.
  4. Spārniņš E., Andersons J., Joffe R., and Rubenis O. Transverse Cracking Mastercurve of Cross-Ply Laminated Composites // Advances in Heterogeneous Material Mechanics, 2008: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Heterogeneous Material Mechanics, June 3-8, 2008, Huangshan, China / eds. J. Fan and H. Chen. – [S. l.]: DEStech Publ., Inc., [2008]. – P. 1284-1287; ICHMM 2008.
  5. Starkova O., Zhang Zhong, and Zhang Hui. Effect of Temperature, Moisture and Strain Rate on Limits of Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Polyamide 66 Filled with TiO2 Nanoparticles // Proc. of 13th European Conference on Composite Materials, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2-5, 2008. – No. 1424. – 10 p. – On USB Flash Disk.
  6. Tamužs V., Tarasovs S., Vilks U., and Rumkovska I. Development of Test Methods for Adhesion Measurements of Flexible Elastic Materials // ECCM 13: 13th European Conference on Composite Materials, June 2-5, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden. – 7 p. – On CD.
  7. Tamužs V., Tepfers R., Zīle E., and Valdmanis V. Mechanical Behaviour of FRP-Confined Columns under Axial Compressive Loading // Energy Efficient and Environmentally Compatible Civil Infrastructure Systems, August 27-29, 2008, Irvine, CA, USA: Proceedings of the Fifth International Engineering and Construction Conference (IECC’5) / eds. Mossalam A. et al. – American Society of Civil Engineers, International Committee, Los Angeles Section. – P. 223-239. – On CD.
  8. Tamužs V., Tepfers R., Zīle E., and Valdmanis V. Properties of FRP-Confined Concrete Columns under Axial Compressive Loading // CCC 2008 – Challenges for Civil Construction: International Conference, Porto – Portugal, 16-18th April, 2008. – [S. l.], [2008]. – 12 p. – On CD.
  9. Zīle E., Tamužs V., and Tepfers R. Compressive Behavior of CRFP-Confined Square Concrete Columns // ECCM 13: 13th European Conference on Composite Materials, June 2-5, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden. – 8 p. – On CD. .
  10. Элксните И., Лиличенко Н., Максимов Р. Д., Зицанс Я., Дзене А., Роя Ж. Механические и барьерные свойства биодеградируемого полимерного нанокомпозита на основе крахмала и монтмориллонита // “Композиционные материалы в промышленности”: материалы Двадцать восьмой международной конференции, 26-30 мая 2008 г., г. Ялта, Крым / Украинский информационный Центр “Наука. Техника. Технология” и др. – [Б. м.], [2008]. – С. 453-455.