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Archive: International Cooperation
Participation in EU and NATO projects

NATO Program for Priority Area on High Technology, project HTECH.LG 931044 "Mechanical Behaviour and Rheology of Advanced Polymers", 1993-1995 (supervisor R. Maksimovs);

EC project JOULE-CT920085 "Development of Advanced Blades for Integration into Wind Turbine Systems", 1994-1996 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

EC TEMPUS Structural Joint European project 07923-94 "Educational Centre of Computational Technology in Engineering Problems", 1994-1997 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

J. Jansons and K. Lilhoht (Denmark) signing the agreement on the participation of our Institute in a EU project.
Wind turbines (EC project Development of Advanced Blades for Integration into Wind Turbine Systems).

PECO contract: ERBCIPDCT 940504 "Advanced Flexible Composite Rotor for Large Wind Turbines", 1995-1997 (supervisor J. Jansons);

EUREKA project EU-888 EUROSPRING "Development of Lightweight Springs and Suspension Components for Vehicles Using Fibre-Reinforced Plastics", 1995-2000 (supervisor V. Tamuzs) ;

Supplementary agreement No. ERBCIPDCT940767 to contract No. ERBCHGECT930051 "Access to High Magnetic Facilities", 1995-1997 (supervisor J. Rodin);

Cooperation with Universities and Firms

Chalmers University of Technology, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sweden:
- "Studies on the Creep and Stress Relaxation in Liquid-Crystalline Polymers and Blends Based on Them", 1995-1998 (supervisor R. Maksimov);
- project "Fibre Composite Reinforcement with Ductile Tensile Rupture for Use in Concrete", 1997-1998 (supervisor V. Tamuzs);

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway:
- project No. 110182/730 Design of Composite Risers, 1997-1998 (supervisor Yu. Tarnopol'skii).