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THE CONFERENCE VENUE is Semarah Hotel Lielupe (64/68 Bulduru Av., Bulduri) in the resort town Jurmala, a narrow strip of land between the Riga Gulf and the Lielupe river. The venue is located 20 km from the centre of Riga, 15 km from the central airport, as well as 500 m from the railway station Bulduri and 200 m from the sandy beach.

Hotel Lielupe

Riga is a beautiful European capital located on the coast of Baltic Sea. The city has retained many ancient features in its architecture and culture. It is surrounded by vast sandy beaches, pine forests and rural landscapes. Weather in May – June is usually dry and sunny. Please follow links below to see weather forecasts for Riga.

Besides sightseeing in the Old Riga with its historic cathedrals, memorials and museums, the conference participants will be able to enjoy a variety of cultural events at the Dome cathedral, Opera House, numerous concert halls and theatres.

Special tours and a spouse program will be available.

Riga offers several four- star and three- star hotels with excellent restaurants, bars and night entertainment events featuring the traditional Latvian culture.

You will have a unique opportunity to taste the delicious and, at the same time, reasonably priced Latvian cuisine.

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